Fender ’72 Reissue Pawn Shop in 3-Color Sunburst, Pre-Owned

This guitar is in excellent condition with only a few nicks on the back side, and is completely stock. From Fender’s website,

“The new Pawn Shop Series guitars draw inspiration from the eccentric and sometimes wildly innovative Fender creations of the mid-’60s and mid-’70s era that sometimes found their way to the outside world and into the more esoteric pages of Fender history. With this adventurous spirit in mind, Pawn Shop Series instruments emerge as all-new Fender guitars with a boldly creative alchemy of diverse Fender components. And while they are brand-new members of the Fender family crafted with thoroughly modern sound and quality, Pawn Shop Series instruments now take the stage with a remarkable new identity as ‘guitars that never were but should have been.'”

If you have any questions, feel free to let us know!

Weight 7lbs 12oz